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The links on this page are meant to provide you with all the information that you could ever possibly need to know about home ownership.

As I discover new sources of information that I feel are of value, I will add them to this page ... so check back from time to time to see what's new.

    1. The 2019 Annual Home Sales Summaries
      Complete data about ALL the homes that sold within your community last year. This is important information that every homeowner should know. These popular reports are requested by hundreds of area home owners each year.
    2. ALL Homes Currently Available For Sale - a.k.a. "The Competition"
      This report is a compilation every single home that is currently listed for sale by every single real estate office within a given community.
      Important articles pertaining to the home remodeling process that homeowners should read
      BEFORE deciding to modify their homes.
    4. Your House - The Owner's Manual
      An illustrated 122 page manual on how to care for "the single largest investment of your lifetime", ... your home.
      From the Cooperative Extension at the University of Wisconsin.
    5. How Long Stuff Lasts
      Nothing lasts forever. All the components, appliances and mechanical systems in your home have a reasonably predictable lifespan. How Long Stuff Lasts is a useful compilation of industry opinions about how long homeowners can expect the various parts of their home to function properly.
    6. Simple Home Maintenance Checklist   -   "An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure".
      Unfortunately, a "maintenance-free home" does not exist. Your home can't take care of itself so regular home maintenance is essential to protecting the value of your home and preventing small repairs from developing into expensive projects.
    7. Easy Home Care Tips - 11 page booklet
      A topic by topic list of preventive home maintenance tips and quick & easy fixes
    8. FAQs Abour Homeownership
      Answers to over 40 frequently asked questions about home ownership.
    9. Home Improvement - How NOT To Get Nailed.
      It's important to be cautious when hiring someone to work on your most valuable asset
      ... your home.
    10. ALL About Property Taxes
      Property taxes have their basis in the theory of "ad valorem" or according to value. Each property is taxed according to its value.
    11. The STAR Tax Program
      Everthing you could possibly need to know about New York State's STAR program is just a click away.
    12. Library of Useful Publications & Pamphlets For Property Taxpayers
      13 Publications From The NYS Office Of Real Property Tax Services (ORPTS) designed to help taxpayers understand how their homes are taxed.

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