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Good decisions are based upon good information. Selling a home is, perhaps, the single largest financial and emotional decision of a lifetime. Below are FREE instructional reports designed to help you avoid the pitfalls and guide you through the important, home selling process successfully.

Home Selling 101   -   The Curriculum

FREE Educational, Home Seller Reports & Resources

    1. The 2016 Annual Home Sales Reports
      Complete data about ALL the homes that sold within your community last year. This is important information that every homeowner should know. These popular reports are requested by hundreds of area home owners each year.
    2. ALL Homes Currently Available For Sale - a.k.a. "The Competition"
      This report is a compilation every single home that is currently listed for sale by every single real estate office within a given community.
    3. The Five Reasons A House Sells
      The Difference Between Success & Failure Always Comes Down To Proper Execution Of Fundamentals
    4. The HOME SELLER GUIDE - 32 page printable PDF manual
      Simple step-by-step instructions for a successful, efficient, problem-free home sale
    5. Taking The FIRST STEP To Selling Your Home
      Here are some small simple steps to take now to get your home ready to sell in the next year or two.
    6. Staging A House For Sale
      The art of creating a favorable emotional environment
    7. 129 Quick Tips To Make Your Home Irresistible To Buyers
      If you give buyers what they want, they will pay you what you ask.
    8. The Importance Of Professional Photography
      Quality photographs are worth much, much more than a thousand words
    9. Staging Your Yard Is Absolutely Essential
      You Won't Get A Second Chance To Make A Good First Impression.
      Yard Staging Creates Curb Appeal And It Shows Everyone How Proud You Are To Own Your Home.

    10. The Pre-Listing Home Inspection - Have Your Home Inspected BEFORE Placing It On The Market!
      Don’t wait until after you have reached an agreement to learn what may be wrong with your home.
    11. An Individual Property Website - Your Home Deserves Its Own Website
      An individual property website is an electronic hub for comprehensive information EXCLUSIVELY about your home
    12. Plan Ahead - Shoot Your Exterior Photos When The Time Is Right
      Plan To Take Your Outdoor Photos When Things Are In Bloom
    13. Should You Offer A Home Warranty?
      What are home warranties? And what are the beneifits to a home seller?
    14. The New York State Sellers Property Condition Disclosure Law
      Know Your Rights & The Seller's Obligation Under This New York State Law
    15. Cerificates Of Occupancy
      Making sure your house is properly documented.
    16. The #1 Home Improvement - A Reduced Property Tax Assessment
      Property taxes are major portion of the monthly carrying costs so the magnitude of your property taxes will directly impact how much a buyer will be ABLE to pay for your home.
    17. The Best Home Marketing Tool
      The Original & Still The Most Effective Home Marketing Tool Ever Invented
    18. FAQs - Selling A Home
      Answers to more than 40 frequently asked questions about selling a home.
    19. Empty Nester's Checklist
      A helpful checklist to determine if your home is still suitable and practical for your needs.
    20. Boiled Frog Syndrome
      Complacency, procrastination & denial - The consequences of failing to take action until it's too late
    21. The Great American Tax Shelter
      Uncle Sam's Incredibly Generous Gift To Homeowners
    22. Capital Gains Tax & The Sale Of Your Home
      You Can Sell Your Home At A Profit And Not Pay A Dime In Taxes.
      Your Home Is Essentially A Giant Municipal Bond With A Roof

    23. Trading Up In A Down Market
      A down housing market is the perfect time to trade-up to a larger home.
    24. Helping Children Cope With The Stress Of Moving
      Moving is one of the most stressful experiences of a lifetime.
      Don't assume that your children will automatically adjust.

    25. A §1031 Tax Deferred Exchange
      Uncle Sam's generous gift to real estate investors
    26. RENT TO SELL - An Unconventional But Effective Way To Sell A Home
      A creative way to sell a home by using a lease with an option to buy
    27. Important Real Estate Terminology You Need To Know
      A Comprehensive Eighteen Page Consumer Glossary From The Federal Trade Commission (PDF)
    28. Real Estate Agent Roulette
      Don't Gamble With "The Single Largest Investment Of Your Lifetime".
      Select A Real Estate Broker With A Track Record.



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